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Terwin Aussies

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Minnisota (Minnie)

Minnie Feb 6/2005 - Jan 2/2016

My best friend left today. She didn't want to go but the choice was no longer hers, but cancers. She fought only as Minnie could, tough and resolute to remain on this earth as long as she could for me. I vowed to never let her have a moments suffering, an unimaginable conflict of interest. Minnie taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. She forgave me immediately if I was cross with her, or impatient. She loved me as only an Aussie can,... full of vigorous butt wiggles and unbridled enthusiasm. She was my first brood bitch, and gave me some of the sweetest, loving, cherished babies anyone could ask for. Her progeny in the show ring or someone's best in show family member, live on as examples of her unwavering devotion to everything family. I know everyone who has lost a cherished dog feels they are the best dog ever to grace the planet, but she truly was. She was empathetic, boisterous, protective, a leader, intelligent, intuitive, beautiful, strong, devoted, intimidating, gentle, nurturing, relentless, and so much more. She embodied everything I ever wanted in a dog from my childhood, she was my Lassie. I know a day will not go by that I will not think of her, and I will struggle every time not to cry, no matter how much time will have passed. Her devotion to me is so overwhelming it feels undeserved. Because as a mere human I cannot reciprocate this unashamed display of love day in day out so unconditionally. It would require me to be devoid of ego, life's daily pressures, demands and challenges our canine companions dismiss as unimportant, and embrace life like a dog and live in the moment. If only it were possible. My only regrets to you my amazing Minnie, is not having the capacity to truly embrace and appreciate the everyday small gestures of love that were expressed by you every damn day. I will forever feel guilty for not being able to be present for you all the time, and having to share me with other members of the pack. You were generous of my time spent with the other dogs, and always helped to raise them up right. I wish I was capable of consistently matching your unashamed, condition free devotion to me. I will always try to honour your love, especially on those days where I feel less lovable of myself or others, I will think of you and try, I mean Aussie try. My shadow, my teacher, my friend.

Minnesota, aka Minnie, min, pop, soda, soda pop, pop a roo, roo.